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About Tony Buzan

One interesting piece of software which we recommend you have a look at and trial for free is something which Tony and the organisation he founded, The Buzan Centre, have produced, and that is the MindGenius software.

We all used this Mind Mapping software ourselves (you can do so too under a free 21 day fully functional trial), and found it to be very useful, and enjoyable creative.

As I say at the top of the page, you can do a Mind Map on a subject and find that you had many more, possibly even many times more options and opportunities than you thought you had. The kids can use them for their weekends away, and the possibilities are endless.

But the most important element, we feel, whether practised on paper or with specially designed software, is how Mind Maps allow us to explore and plunder the very depths of our minds, whilst also growing or minds further. See this seo service houston.

And, of course, Mind Mapping can be an ideal way for those Conscious Creators among you to look at your beliefs around various subjects.

Here are the links if you'd like to find out more about the Buzan Centre and MindGenius, and if you'd like to find out more about having a free trial of some of the applications. Of course, these are not Papillon's own products, so you'll have to confirm all these details with the organisation themselves.

Best of luck, happy creating, and let us know of any successes you have using the Mind Maps.

At an Anthony Robbins event I attended in 2002, twenty people were lined up on a stage with their eyes closed, imagining they were at the beach. They were asked to hear the beach and to a man, each of them raised their heads up. They were then asked to 'see' what they saw, and they all brought their heads to level. Then they were asked to 'feel', and each bowed their heads slightly, their host pointing to the movements each time, indicating to the audience how the skill of understanding human behaviour can provide all manner of benefits.

Can we conclude from this that there might be something of interest for us in terms of embracing our human potential and enjoying life to the fullest in this subject of NLP? I would says so.

Many of us have come into contact with NLP before. Such terms as visual, auditory, and kinesthetic, are familiar to us, but is there anything more we can learn on the subject?

Whilst I am not an NLP expert myself, I do know that our own David Heard has recently completed a University course in the subject, and, true to character, suggested some ways that they can make some distinctions to the programme, so maybe we can find out a bit more about this mysterious science and gain David's and others thoughts and offerings on the subject.

For the moment we'll leave you with this link to an introduction of NLP.

Elegant Technology

One area of human potential which we can definitely explore and embrace further is our creative ability to design and implement systems of elegance, power and grace in agreement with nature, and based on the natural laws that are at our disposal.

Such resources as sun, wind, tide, water, and such laws as gravity, and leverage, and many more mean that we have an array of tools with which to build systems in agreement with nature.

"Never does nature say one thing and wisdom another." - Juvenal

If you look at how the Pyramids were built, or rather, if you speculate, as nobody really knows, you can begin to see how things are possible when we have an understanding of nature and desire to implement its laws.

Here are a series of structures that required more stone to make than there is in all of the churches and cathedrals of England put together, and yet they were moved and positioned with perfect accuracy thousands of years before the arrival of industrial machinery. We have placed the image of one of the Great Pyramids here at the top of our collage for this section as a reminder for inspiration.

As it is with our section on 'A Vibrant Ecosystem', Elegant Technology is about human potential rather than fear. Check this seo freelancer london.

Elegant Technology is the difference between creative self-belief, and the defeated surrender and reliance on throwing money at things. It is the added self-belief of the designer or engineer who can say 'I can build this to work even whilst maintaining the integrity of the project and working in harmony with all outside elements'.





Ultimately, everything we talk about on this website, and arguably everything that we all do in life, is geared to creating more happiness. So why have we neglected this area so greatly? - It might be time to renew our focus.

"See it as it is, but not worse than it is." - Tony Robbins

You can call it contentment, or spiritual fulfillment, or enjoyment, or even congruence, or define it as certain goals that you wish to achieve, but the ultimate feeling we search for remains the same.

Because happiness is the thing we all wish for, it is possibly the one area that we have spent most time working on, and developing the most wisdom for.

Both the 'Happiness' audio presentation, and Papillon Human Potential itself, have happiness as their final reason for being.

The area of Relationships is there ultimately because it brings happiness. As is the section on the physical experience.

Exploring the abilities of the mind brings its own benefits. And we have seen the the results that can be reaped by embracing consciouness and 'consciously creating' the lives we want. You can check discount tickets to cinderella on broadway.

And as the saying goes, "I cannot be at peace if my brother is not at peace". So our own individual, personal involvement in social and global potential is also integral to our experience of happiness.

Because there is more to it than a concise 'yes' or 'no' answer to whether one is happy, happiness is most definitely an area of development for human potential - the level you can go to with it is limitless.

I recently watched a documentary interview people in an average town in England and ask them if they were happy, and they all said they weren't. Why? All that is required to change this is wisdom!

For those who wish to develop their happinesses further, we are here to help, and have built for you a variety of products and recources to make the process more effective, and more enjoyable.

Health Energy

If improving our health energy can return us to normal health from disease, and that this is more of a 'shadow line' than a specific off/on state of either health or illness, then could it be said that embracing our healthy energy may be a potential which we can develop and embrace beyond the simple absence of illness, to actually see it as a positive as it soars into ever greater levels of physical vitality?

In this case, it would not be about where we were on the scale, but in which direction we were moving.

This would tie in well with the wisdom of focusing only on positives, and that perhaps moments of ill health are no more than means of feedback to point out to ourselves that we are not embracing some area of ourselves or our potential as much as we might like. Or are doing so too quickly for comfort. Perhaps we are not living quite as true to ourselves as we might like to be.

So how can we develop our health energy? By asking better questions? By embracing our own potential? By focusing some wisdom into developing our happiness? By listening to our body and to our selves? By finding out more about our bodies and our environments, and how both of these work? Each of these can be included in a whole host of areas which we can explore. Check this sydney seo consultant.

How could we best enjoy the process of all this self-discovery? That is what the resources of this section are here to help with.

Mind Maps
"Mind Maps® Act as the ‘Swiss Army knife of the brain’ allowing you to improve and accelerate your learning and thinking skills." - Buzan Centre

The very basics of mind mapping are simple. The benefits are quite literally up to you.

The way it works is that you get a piece of paper, write the title of a subject you wish to 'explore' in your mind in a circle in the middle of the paper, and then write whatever thoughts branch out from there as offshoots, allowing your thought processes to bring up into your conscious awareness ideas and options that you hadn't previously considered (see the middle of the three images above).

One of the areas that we are most excited about is that of running and hosting informal Papillon Human Potential weekends, to follow in the footsteps of the Seth Walks weekends.

This will be an opportunity for you to join up with the Papillon Team; Bridget, David and myself, and others, at some beautiful locations around the UK for two or three days of walking, positivity and community.

It is a project that the three of us started developing last September, as written up in the Strength for Life article, 'Papillon Group weekend events planned', and following the launch of the main Papillon site in May 2006, once we reach a certain critical mass of subscribers, visitors, and interested individuals, etc., you will all be invited to attend these events should you wish.

The proposition is that we will be able to start with an initial weekend group event of about 12-14 people somewhere in the UK.

"The first event of its type that we intend to do will be for a small few; a group of around ten to fourteen, plus the three or four of us, with later events being designed for an ideal number of about thirty guests." - The Strength for Life article

For these events the intent is to use The YHA's Hostels, which we have found can provide some stunning accommodations and locations.

Such places as the Regency Manor House at Hawkhurst, with its classical veranda, and magnificently decorated copula, (see image opposite), and the countryside locations which surround so many of the YHA's centers make ideal bases from which to operate, and add that extra, unexpected element of interest. To have the backdrop of rugged mountains, or an English Manor Estate on your doorstep can provide an enriching experience.

News and invitations to these events will be announced via this and the other websites, and also through the Papillon email subscriber announcements, so if you wish to be informed when any of these events are announced you can click on the link below to subscribe to the group if you haven't already done so. See and wicked tickets broadway nyc.

Home Educators in Herts
One, more local and more target group specific activity which is currently underway is the Seth Walks 'The Place To Be' gatherings for home educators in and around Hertfordshire, UK, see link below.